Metaphor Index

This blog is using the concepts of “evidentiary law” as a metaphor to encourage us to become better presenters of evidence for God’s spiritual Kingdom. I believe it will be useful to have an index that maps the evidentiary law concepts to the posts of this blog. When communicating with metaphors clarity is essential.

Starting in 2014, this blog will also include principles of Quantum Physics, as metaphors. I find that the relationships between particles can provide some insight into how things could relate spiritually. I also personally believe that the old language references of general and special relativity create many of the problems for religion in general. God has always desired to write His laws internally upon the hearts of all humans. Religion, on the other hand, seems to be more concerned with the outward apperances as it relates to humans and the “Church”.

There will also be other times when I may switch metaphors. In those cases, this index will prove to be very valuable in eliminating the confusion.

Below is a list of the metaphor along with the date and title of the post using that metaphor. Some postings my include multiple metaphors. Therefore, it is possible that a posting may appear indexed to multiple metaphors.

Evidence (general usage)

            02-11-2012      Welcome

            02-17-2012      Easy Evidence

            02-18-2012      Made in the KoG

            03-10-2012      Another Look at Original Evidence

            03-24-2012      Metaphorically Speaking of the Kingdom

            05-30-2012      Evidence that Surpasses Understanding

Chain of Custody (CoC)

            02-25-2012      Chains that Bind

            04-14-2012      Evidence Not of This World 

Exculpatory Evidence  (also Brady Violation)

            03-03-2012      Living in Liberating Innocence

            03-17-2012      You Can’t Hide Truth 

Testimony Evidence

            04-01-2012      Testify of the Invisible

            04-08-2012      A Perfect Witness of Truth

            04-14-2012      Evidence Not of This World

Real (Physical) Evidence

            04-22-2012      The Spirit of Physical Evidence

            04-30-2012      We Are Also Presenters of Real Evidence

Demonstrative Evidence

            06-11-2012      Parables of Truth

           06-27-2012       In Light of New Evidence

           07-06-2012      Pictures of Truth

           07-29-2012      Case: Vineyard Owner vs. Vineyard Keepers

Evidentiary Rules

           07-14-2012     No Exclusion For True Evidence     

           07-21-2012     Fruit Of A Spiritual Tree

Other Metaphors


            05-05-2012      Seeing Christ in the Mirror

            05-14-2012      Seeing Christ in the Mirror Pt. 2

            05-21-2012      Seeing Christ in the Mirror Pt. 3


           06-27-2012      In Light of New Evidence



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